Crossing the Finish Line

Keep moving forward. This is one of my running mantras. If in doubt, I keep picking up my feet and moving forward with confidence. I will cross that finish line.

By nature, I am an optimist. I believe in abundance. As a fundraiser I know nonprofit resources exist and missions can be fulfilled by the generosity of philanthropists. Similarly, as a runner I trust in my training miles to get me across the finish line.

Today it can be challenging to believe in abundance. There are unknowns. Scarcity mindset creeps in and it takes an intervention to shift thinking. My solution is picking up the telephone and asking my clients if they have questions or just want to talk. Making these calls is my one-foot-in-front-of-the-other. I keep moving forward, reaching out to those that fill my life and give me purpose.

It has been a week of long conversations. I have heard hilarious stories of homeschooling, “It just doesn’t work, and I am not doing it!” And, I have listened when all possible revenue sources seem unfeasible. It hasn’t been about easy answers. What has materialized are creative brainstorming sessions and possible solutions to test in this climate.

When I need a break, I run to flee the anxiety and the doubts that creep into my thoughts. Hitting the trails strips away my negative feelings and I return home with newfound ambition and optimism. One step at a time, sometimes with speed and ease, sometimes with great effort.

Today’s finish lines look different as races have been cancelled and social distancing is mandated. My finish lines are warm conversations, shared gratitude, new learnings, simple tasks completed, and hugs from my spouse and children. There are no medals or tee shirts

at these finish lines. No volunteers handing me cooling towels or orange slices.

These finish lines of human connection and collective hope are what keep me moving. They are what build my belief in abundance. They are the reminders that we will get through this moment together. They are the finish lines that matter most.

#fundraising #running #optimism #abundance #consulting #socialdistancing #nonprofits

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