Persistence, Perseverance + Grit

Much has been said about the value of these characteristics. Whether you deem yourself a gritty person or not, where do you get the motivation to work boldly? People that charge forward, like Erin Andrews, despite obstacles such as a grave medical diagnosis and treatment. How do they push forward past insurmountable roadblocks?

I have clients that are like a dog after a bone, persistently reaching out to donors to connect them with the mission of the organization and invite their investment. These individuals are so driven and consequently so successful because of this relentless pursuit to further their work in the community. Optimism rules their work and opens doors that, to others, seem locked shut. When the opposite of this occurs, however, when a client simply will not do the work, such as reaching out to donors, that situation requires immediate intervention. Training is critical to getting past personal barriers of fear or lack of focus. Coaching can reveal the truth. This work is fun, exciting and often provides so many opportunities to celebrate. Now, look at what you just made possible. If you aren’t reaching out and building enduring relationships with your supporters ask yourself why. What are your barriers? Whether a moat or a trench, remove the obstacles or go around them. The day-to-day operations will not happen without fiscal resources. It is up to you and your board to build enduring relationships with your funders. They make your remarkable work possible.

Contact me. I will walk with you down the path of success.

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