It is almost March and your fiscal year is either winding up or winding down. Let’s do a quick goal check. Are your fundraising dollars and number of donors on track? If so, congratulations! It is cause for celebration. Keep up the good work and continue to stay focused on your priorities.

If your numbers are not tracking it is time to dig a little deeper. What is your current donor retention rate? Remember, those supporters you acquired last year are going to be the most difficult to retain. However, your multi-year donors that haven’t made a gift yet this year are your prime audience. According to research by Blackbaud, retention rates for first-year donors is, on average, 27% and multi-year donors is 58%. Once your first-year donors return they become one of your greatest resources.

What are your communications to these donors? Do they feel engage, informed and thanked for their generosity? Most likely, they need another grateful touch before they will feel ready to give again. Tell them a story about the child that benefited from their gift. Or the patient that improved due to their support. Put a face on their gift and thank them one more time before you ask again.

Quick! The year will be over before you know it. Get out there and tell some stories.

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