Attitude Shift

“You are exactly where you need to be.”

This quote hangs on my office wall. It reminds me to go ‘all in’. To celebrate the truth in working hard, using the talents I have been given and uncovering possibilities. When I started Blueprint Fundraising in July 2014 I consciously changed my attitude. That meant seeing every new connection as a learning opportunity and not making assumptions when assessing situations.

I now ask a lot more questions, usually of the clarifying nature, so everyone in the rooms leaves with relatively the same understanding. If someone doesn’t return my telephone call then I send them an email. If a foundation hasn’t notified me of funding, I give them a call. If a client makes a statement that could be interpreted in more than one way, I ask them to expound.

When optimism rules my day I end it on a much higher note.

How can you shift your perspective and live your day with positivity? I promise it will have an impact on the outcome.


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